Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, my position is pretty much the same as with clothing: less, but better.
I used to wear tons of jewelry on a daily basis, as much as I could possibly hang onto my body;
while that seemed fun to me back then, the mere thought of it gives me the creeps now.
So much clutter - no, thanks!
I've come to appreciate designs that are simple yet strong, striking, and stand-alone.

These days, I actually go without adornment more often than not.
I just don't subscribe anymore to the cliché that every outfit needs to be "completed" with jewelry.
When I do wear a piece, it's most often something industrial and usually a DIY.
However, from time to time I stumble upon a design that just screams "me",
like in the case of this marvelous necklace by ATUKO.
Thanks so much for this wonderful gift that I'll surely be wearing for many years to come!

 necklace: ATUKO / top: Arya Sense


Sarah Iracheni said...

It's so gorgeous!

Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) said...

Res lepa, čisto tvoj-ne-več-tako-nov stil!

karl philip Leuterio said...

that one is a genius creation.. me too! I hardly wear an accessory. I wear my sunglasses for a minute then i remove it. ohh when was the last time i wore a neckpiece or cuff haha