Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Coat

After a period of frantic, nerve-wracking, and ultimately unsuccessful searching for a winter coat
that would meet at least the most important, if not all of my criteria,
I ended up having it custom-made.

The project was taken on by BeeZee EcoKid, a Slovenian-owned vegan brand
with a set of principles that can be summed up as ethical.
Seriously, there are so many nice things to be said about them that I don't know where to start.
To emphasize the qualities that resonate with me the most,
their designs are vegan, fair trade, exploitation-free, organic and non-toxic, sustainable, and made locally.

I'm very happy with the way my coat looks and feels, but there's also an added value -
knowing it was made without doing harm gives me a certain sense of contentment and peace of mind.

For more about BeeZee EcoKid and their products, visit their website.

coat: BeeZee EcoKid (custom-made) / skirt: New Look / shoes: ASOS / bag, sunglasses, tights: no name

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karl philip Leuterio said...

love the lightness of gray! so good!!