Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Slider

So, this is me succumbing to the slider sandal trend.
The clumsy charm of Birkenstock-type sandals never really appealed to me,
but these are a whole different story. Enthralled with their simplicity (form- and function-wise),
I decided to get a pair (despite their current popularity).

Even with these awkward-ish sandals and an oversized top
(I got this one from a second hand shop for a couple of euros),
I felt quite alluring in this get-up
(while matching this high-slit skirt with heels and a tight top would make me feel tacky).

BTW, yesterday marked this blog's 5th anniversary.
Obviously, I don't get slathered in free designer clothes, attend lavish events,
"design" my own fashion lines, or whatever "high-profile" bloggers do these days,
but guess what? I don't really need any of that.
I do it for the joy of it and that's sufficient for me.

top, bag: no name / skirt: Asos / sandals: London Rebel


InnyVinny said...

And that's why I love you - you do it for the love.

That reminds me...I think I hit an anniversary this month, too. YIKES.

Sabina B. said...

Great top!

Olha Shaban said...


I've been watching different blogs for years, but myself still a complete starter. For me even a year of constant and devoted blogging seems a real achievement.

But from what I can see, nowadays popular blogs look all alike, all about monetization, same brands, same ideas.

You definitely have something catchy in your style which is very elegant. And it gives me more inspiration to start blogging than any well set glossy and glamorous consumerist-oriented blogs. I shall definitely follow you from now on. Good luck!

shebersinger blog