Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Ease

Here's how getting dressed works for me these days (today's example):
I open up the wardrobe, grab a sweater and some pants,
mentally pair the ensemble with the right shoes and bag,
and all that's left for me to do is to put the items on various parts of my body
(which might even take up more time than the actual process of "composing" the outfit*).

* about 15 seconds today

sweater: Weekday / pants, shoes: H&M / bag: Monki


The Habit said...

Can't go wrong with black and grey and lovin' this mix. You look beautiful babe!


Katja said...

by the looks of it the tactic works great for you. the sweater especially is a great piece.

hiPop said...

divno jednostavna, ili jednostavno divna! <3



melissa said...

Perfect slouch pants xx

Jesuswannatouchme said...

love the look very much!
great sweater!
very stylish outfit!


cyeoms said...

that's some nice waffle texture there. I could see having that for breakfast everyday too haha

e. said...

I´ve been looking for a sweater like this! Looks great!

Iris said...

Really lovely outfit! You're beautiful!
Hope you have a great day and greetings from Finland, Iris

melissa said...

I need to bring out my greys as well. Looks great that sweater seems so cozy xx

Tatjana Dmitrović Drljan said...

Torbica i vesta su predivni :)