Friday, 14 February 2014

The Light

After a period of slightly depressing weather, today was a wonderful, sunlit day that brought along some spring vibes I've been yearning for and instantly uplifted my mood. At first I thought the strong sunlight and the shadows it cast would interfere with shooting these photos, but they turned out just right. I intentionally restrained myself from too much editing and left some photos uncropped, even skewed; these little "imperfections" made me smile.


turtleneck, coat, sunglasses: no name / skirt, ankle boots: ASOS / bag: Monki / necklace: H&M

P. S. Yes, this is a gray version of my black split front skirt (worn here). I learned that when you really like, want, and need an item, it might be a smart idea to get it in another color, too (or, in my case, in another non-color).


Unknown said...

cao, hopping over sa instant vintage.
ne znamo se, ali vec godinama nebrojeno put nalecem na tvoj blog i iz nekog nepoznatog razloga sam bila sigurna da si iz Nemacke ili Austrije.

Posle tog komentara na Instant vintage, vidim tvoj komentar na On other skin. Gde god da se okrenem, duckalicious. Ja sam modni dizajner, zivim u Holandiji i potpuno sam postidjena svojom ignorancijom i sto te nikad nisam udostojila tim extra clickom da saznam odakle si.
Izvinjavam se!

Unknown said...

nisam "unknown" , nego Dust iliti Dustup. Tvoj format komentara je malo nedostupan:).



duckalicious said...

@Unknown/Dust, odlična priča =) drago mi je!

Amanda Chic said...

Amazing skirt
Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

A chic kiss ;)

Tine said...

Wow the colours in this picture! Very very nice combination!

melissa said...

The skirt shape and front slit is great and I agree I have so many items that if I like it I will have in a secondary colour adn sometimes in the same colour in case I wear it to much and looks old/rubish xx