Friday, 28 February 2014

The Foil Cuff

This cuff is a product of my long-time fascination with silver foil, combined with my affinity for simplicity (whether it's outfits, nails, or DIY).

You will need: a cuff bracelet, some silver foil, scissors, and some super glue or clear adhesive tape.

Cut a piece of silver foil about 3 cm longer than the circumference of your bracelet and about 3 cm wider than twice its width. Put the bracelet in the middle of the foil rectangle, then wrap the foil around it carefully, turning down the edges to the inside of the cuff and gluing them in place with super glue or adhesive tape.

P. S. Vilda, an online vegan fashion and style magazine, asked me a few questions about being a vegan style blogger. Read the interview here.


Sarah Iracheni said...

This is actually a quite idea! Love it! Great job.

Dominika Sęk said...

wow! Amazing idea. Sometimes I wonder why I can't figure out anything like that when I am in need?! :D:p

melissa said...

I also like it s itself in gold x

GlorijaYorke said...

odlicna ideja