Monday, 9 December 2013

Vegan Brand: Krže Studio

Krže Studio, founded by Leila Kerze in 2012, is a Los Angeles based design studio specializing in modern footwear and accessories. They are committed to offering the highest quality creations without causing harm to the environment or others. Their collection is entirely vegan, with an ardent focus on using the most technologically advanced, eco-conscious and green luxury materials in the world. It is made in Italy with a focus on high quality production and the most advanced animal-free materials, including an ultra high-tech vegan lining that is antibacterial, breathable, and absorbent.

(These white wedge boots? Oh yes, please!)

Krže Studio launched a one-month long campaign to sell their premier footwear collection on December 2. The campaign and Krže's new business model focus on direct-to-customer sales, meaning customers can buy the shoes at wholesale prices for over 50 % less than what they would pay in traditional stores and boutiques.

A partial selection of their collection for women and men is already available on Mimoona, a new crowdfunding platform. Once a style reaches its minimum to go into production, a new style will be released. See my selection of currently available styles below (click the link under each product to visit its page on Mimoona).

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