Monday, 23 December 2013

The Two-Face Nails

After two-face shoes, here are two-face nails. The second photo demonstrates how it's done: paint your nails white (I used a random nail polish I had at home, but I hear Purity by Zoya is good, plus their products are vegan), wait for the polish to dry thoroughly, cover half of each nail with adhesive tape, and paint the other half with chrome silver nail polish. If you feel this color combination is too subtle for you, use a black nail polish instead of white to create more contrast (or combine any other colors of your choice).

random white nail polish + Stargazer chrome nail polish #232


Sarah Iracheni said...

Beautiful nails! I love it.

Verlyncia Tyson said...

Love the nails. Had to do a double take and look twice because I thought it was that sticky nail art stuff and I was literally about to leave you a comment asking how long do those adhesive stickers last on a nails. Sorry for rambling.