Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Rule Breaker

Although I believe the old "leggings are not pants" is by all means a noble sartorial rule to live by, I chose to blatantly disregard it yesterday. Well, maybe not so blatantly; these leggings are quite thick, so they're not remotely transparent and they don't emphasize the nether regions in an unappetizing way, and most importantly, the coat is an essential part of this outfit, so I think I got it covered (pun semi-intended). There was no great philosophy behind it, I wasn't trying to rebel against my own self (at least not consciously), it simply happened ... and, who would've thought, the world still turns.

 turtleneck, leggings, bag: no name / coat, ankle boots: ASOS / ring: from the hardware store


voguerka said...

I'm not a big fan of this blue colour but it looks gorgeous on you. Nice set!

Have a nice day!

Evelina said...

Vedno ko sem spomnim na tebe, te vidim v modrem plašču in v tistih nizkih črno belih čevljih. Ampak ta kominacija je mnogo boljša. Čevlji so noro hudi.! (:

random cat said...

i ja sam za helanke nisu pantalone damn it, ali tesko im je odoleti kad su tako udobne i meke. i stvarno, you got it covered, nema covek sta da ti zameri. i boje i neboje sve je pod kontrolom. i like it! :)

Tine said...

Oh I LOVE this colour!

onotherskin said...

neam nis pametno za reci, osim da ooooboooozavam ovu boju plave, a mozda još i vise kombinaciju plave i crne od koje mnogi bjeze. bez razloga ak se mene pita :D ptr