Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Find

Just when I thought I had robbed my grandma of all her vintage treasures already, I stumbled upon this coat in her basement and grabbed it without much hesitation. Granted, the color is not my favorite (what is this called anyway, taupe, greige, tan?), but the coat was too good not to give it a try (and hey, at least it's not pink). The moment I put it on, a few associations came to mind, the most notable being "the executive" (fellow die-hard Seinfeld fans will know what I'm talking about) and "the exhibitionist" (no further explanation needed, I reckon). The way I wore it here, it's giving off a bit of an androgynous vibe; on another occasion, I might try it belted, with a skirt and over the knee boots.

coat: vintage / turtleneck, pants, bag: no name / shoes: ASOS


melissa said...

Great turtleneck! Beautiful shoes


On my screen the coat looks grey rose which is one of my favorite "color" hues.

Lela said...

Great look, the turtleneck is such a nice touch xo