Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Casual Summer

While the fashion world is raving about Birkenstock sandals, I decided to invest into a new pair of flip-flops to go with casual summer outfits like this one. Everything else I'm wearing here is recycled in a way. I've had this shirt and these shorts for several years, but I haven't been wearing them recently because I wasn't very keen on their golden buttons. Finally, I replaced the small vintage buttons on the shirt with these white ones that give it a cleaner, somewhat clinical look, and the tacky, plastic ones on the shorts with regular black ones. I adopted the bag from my grandma's closet and it has hardly left my side since (as seen here and here).

 shirt: vintage, customized / shorts: H&M, customized / flip-flops: Nike / earrings: vintage / bag, sunglasses: no name


InnyVinny said...

SOUND DECISIONS ON THE BUTTONS. You are a dreamboat and I love you in black and white.

(I'm sorry if I haven't told you lately)


I just love these simple looks!

Designer Binary said...

Shirt looks nice.

random cat said...

kako ti od jednostavnog pravis fenomenalno:) FENOMENALNO!!!