Thursday, 28 March 2013

DIY: Two-Face Shoes

I've been meaning to do some DIY work for ages and today I finally got down to business. I had just recently bought a can of chrome silver acrylic spray paint, so I decided to use it on an old pair of black mid-heel pumps I haven't really worn this last year or two.

The original plan was to spray all over the shoes, but then I remembered those easy two-tone platforms by LOVE AESTHETICS and decided to try something similar. If I get bored with the 50/50 thing, I'll just go on and spray the other half of the shoe, too.

Here's the result:

The procedure is relatively simple; it can get messy though, so good preparation is essential.

You will need:
- a pair of shoes
- acrylic spray paint
- adhesive tape and some waste paper for protection
- protective gloves (optional, but highly recommended)
- cotton pads/swabs and nail polish remover (optional, unless you're a klutz like me)

How to do it:

1. Make sure the surface of the shoes is clean and dry. Use adhesive tape (the one I used is a bit porous and therefore not ideal; I don't recommend anything too sticky either) and waste paper to protect the parts of the shoe you don't want colored and the surroundings. Push the tape down with your fingertips to make sure it sticks to the surface.

2. Get spraying! It's not a bad idea to use protective gloves. Shake the can thoroughly and always spray from a distance (about 20-25 cm), holding the can in a vertical position. Spraying from too close will result in a thick layer of paint that will be hard to dry.

3. If necessary, soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and clean out the areas that shouldn't have got color on them. (Caution: it might damage the surface of the shoe. In my case, it gave the shoes a nice matte finish.) For small corrections, use a cotton swab. I deliberately left out some minor imperfections for a more "organic" feel. That's it!


And after:



moiminnie said...

Love how they came out! And that spray is so effing good, the mirror effect is brilliant. Looking forward to some outfit posts with these beauties hehe x

hiPop said...

ooooooodlicno! gotta try this at home :)

Evelina Donko said...

Ful dobro, samo čakam še na to, kako jih boš skombinirala in kako bodo izgledali obuti. (:

and so it goes.... said...

Such a good idea! I would have never thought of I have to try it!


Beckerman Girls said...

I love love love your shoes!!! Sooo hot!!! What a fab idea!!! Big hug!
xo Beckerman sistas