Monday, 31 December 2012

It Was A Very Good Year

Here's just a fraction of all the wonderful things I did this year:

regained my joy for living (and blogging);
turned 30;
went vegan (finally!);
translated my first books;
visited Venice (twice) and Barcelona;
started Insanity workout program (almost done);
learned to control my negative thoughts (I strongly recommend this book), but stopped trying to control life;
founded The Shitlisted with Irena;
attended my first fashion week in Zagreb, Croatia;
made some more friends through blogging;
had a major wardrobe purge and made a decision to own less;
and, last but not least, I finally started to figure out my style and where I want to take it.

I hope your new year is at least as excellent as my 2012 was. Love yourselves and each other (Jerry Springer moment? :D) and don't take life too seriously. Have a good one!


Sheree said...

Your style is so much fun..those B&W boots are beyond fabulous!
Congrats on all of your personal goals this past year and more to come in 2013!
Happy New Year!
Sheree xxx

moiminnie said...

Gorgeous outfits! You should be so proud of yourself for achieving so much; I've also learned a bunch in 2012 and am ready to continue doing so! Have a wonderful night! xxx

Evelina Donko said...

Nekaj novih in zanimiv stvari. Sploh kdo bi si mislil, da si 30. Izgledaš mlajša :o. Zanima pa me tudi, kako ti gre pri Insanity programu, si vidla kake spremembe? In izgleda zelo naporno (:

Mandy said...

Damn girl, you got style. I love every piece.

Nestled in Nostalgia

Nina S. said...

Love all!! Sve najbolje!

hiPop said...

sjajna godina, and I'm not only talking sequins! :)

super mi je ovaj recap, podsetio me je koliko volim razigranost,a opet jasnocu tvoga stila!