Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Zagreb Trippin'

As mentioned on my Facebook page, I visited the capital of Croatia last week to attend Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb in the company of the crazy ladies pictured below.

From sleeping in an "egg box" in "Fritzl's basement" (don't ask) to eating only french fries 'cause that was the only vegan fast food option I could find (apparently my fellow bloggers live on coffee and snacks), to getting numerous stares and loud remarks from "friendly" citizens (even the word "bloggers" was thrown around a couple of times), to meeting super nice Croatian bloggers Matea of Gypsy Gardens, Ana of Psycho Couture and Ljupka of Guerrilla Girl (who were surprised and a little shocked that fashion/style bloggers in Slovenia aren't invited to fashion week and offered (m)any collaborations), the couple of days I spent in Zagreb were filled with fun, more or less stupid jokes, and, well, being hungry.

The above-mentioned publicity was out of this world. My favorite white & black ankle boots (worn here and here) were quite the belle of the ball, although I couldn't exactly decipher whether the staring was meant to have a positive or a negative connotation. In any case, I was entertained as I usually am when people can't contain their flabbergastation with my style and display it in such a manner. However, apart from that, Zagreb has that metropolitan feel to it that I often miss in Ljubljana. (Another thing I missed: the opportunity to take a photo of the wonderful Croatian singer and style icon Josipa Lisac sitting in the front row at the shows on second evening!) 

Irena (Running In My Heels) / Manca (Mancina's Spot) / Mojca (Irayaa) / myself

with Ana (Psycho Couture) in the middle

My signature look for DFWZ: "I wear sunglasses at night."


Zagreb, I'll be back! And I will make sure to wear something really extravagant next time to keep all those people with staring problems busy up to their necks.


Iraya said...

very well written ;)
sem kr odtavala nazaj v zg :D

Eva said...

Lol that last sentence!
Hudi outfiti.

Evelina Donko said...

Outfiti so super.. Pa zadnja fotka, ki je vzela dih (: