Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hey There, Thirties

You might find this hard to believe (I certainly do), but it all seems like I turned 30 last week. (OMG WTF LOL!!!!1one) My dear friend gifted me with these marvelous ankle boots I had been eyeing. They were just calling for the company of this dress, another one of those ancient pieces I'll most likely wear forever.

dress: Dorothy Perkins / coat, ankle boots, cuff bracelet: ASOS / bag: OASAP (gift) / tights: Fascino / socks: H&M / sunglasses: via eBay


Irena Mulec said...

1st !

k glih nimaš nobenga komentarja.

plašč zgleda zlo kul. čevli so lepi in lepo si skombinirala z obleko.

vse skupaj zgleda zelo čudovito, lepo, krasno.
verjamem, da bo to ena izmed tvojih najljubših kombinacij, ker moja je ŽE!

ZELO SI LEPa!!!!11"!!

ewo pa maš komentar*

aja a boš moj sledilec, ker js sm tvoj že? :D :D :D

Style Porn said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm approximately 2 months behind you on the 30 train. Not really freaking out about it. I'm certainly not going to have a "flirty 30" themed birthday party or anything retarded like that. I prefer not to insult myself or those around me.

I think new boots is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Maybe I'll follow suit.

InnyVinny said...

You look amazing.

Happy Birthday!!

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

well, hello in the 30. club, girl!
you look so modern here, you could be uma thurman from gattaca!

staklene bombone | hard candies

hiPop said...

Ok, taj plavi kaput je nesto najmocnije sto sam videla u poslednje vreme!

a invert geometrija haljine/cipela...volim kada je moda pametna <3

Florie said...

happy belated birthday lady!! hope you had a blast, you look greaaaat!


duckalicious said...

thanks for the wishes, my dear babes! :*