Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Just Add Black

With my boyfriend not having been available to take my photos for several days, I was on the verge of throwing fits; luckily, my mom dropped by this afternoon and saved the day. Considering her self-proclaimed technophobia, she did pretty well, right?

On the outfit front, I'm noticing this pattern where I've been accessorizing practically everything with black (a couple of examples here and here). For now, it's still warm enough for bare legs (when it's not raining, that is); however, there's no sense in denying that autumn is upon us and I'm drawing a total blank on what to wear when it gets cold. This shall be fun ... NOT.

dress, wedges: Zara / bag: Debenhams / bracelet: Just Acces


klemen said...



Lilith said...

Beautiful. I adore the shoes, very unique

hiPop said...

Svidja mi se kako ova mantil-haljina najavljuje jesen, ali je letnji asesoar i dalje tu...bas kao septembar <3

Ava Valk said...

Great. I invite you to my blog:

Maja said...

Rea lepo :) tak carsko prefinjen look :) xx

p.s. "But please, don't give me that "follow me and I'll follow you" crap. If you wanna follow, follow; if I wanna follow, I'll follow. I don't do extortion."

ahaha cheers to that :D

SJ said...

I wish my mom was a bit less of a geek. She added me on facebook and sometimes she post some disturbing comments on wall.