Monday, 4 June 2012

The Shitlisted Style Challenge: Running In My Heels x Duckalicious, Episode 1

(ABOVE: top, belt: vintage / skirt: Zara / clutch: ASOS / ring: from a market in Thailand;
BELOW: blouse, pants, necklace: vintage / bracelet: from a local ethnic store)

If you thought that was me on the photos above, you were wrong (ha, gotcha!) - it's actually the other half of The Shitlisted team, her awesomeness Irena of Running In My Heels, wearing some stuff I chose for her from my wardrobe! As she already reported (check out her post for more), we got together last week and, well, styled the shit out of each other using solely items from my closet (except for her black sandals). Here's the first (and my favorite) look Irena composed for me (and took the photos, too):


(dress: Zara / skirt: COS / shoes, zebra cuff: ASOS / golden cuff: Topshop / necklace: vintage / perspex ring: H&M / pink ring: Ydeltuyt)



Since I found you a skirt or dress will never be short again, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Brilliant inspiration, my friend.
Off to check Irena´s

Katkoc said...

Oooo them long leggies!
BTW, tale gospa nad mano je totalno kul :)

InnyVinny said...

I love this idea. The name of it is even better. Great looks on the both of you and as always, you are my color idol.

sugarhoneybaby said...

Beautiful!Nice idea:)

Florie said...

you look so colourful and gorgeous, you gotto help me get over my phobia of brights!


Dubravka Dodig said...

Great idea!

hiPop said...

jako dobra kombinacija boja, Irena te je bas lepo 'upakovala' :)

Borjana said...

Roza i neon!Ohhh!