Friday, 1 June 2012

Cut Out

Duckalicious is currently the blog of the week on LOOK 10. I was interviewed for the occasion and since some of the questions were right up my alley, I had a lot to say - you can read it here.

There's something else I'd like to discuss really briefly. In my last post, there was something that I feel I should maybe explain; I wrote, "I don't give two fucks if someone has a problem with [my outfit]". When I reread that later, it sounded kinda funny (and if I was to live in a free-minded community, it would indeed be funny). Why the hell would anyone have a problem with what I'm wearing? As it turns out, some people actually do. I don't mind people not liking my style, I really don't (if anything, it's how hateful some comments can be that I find surprising) - what's more, I actually expect quite some folks not to like it - but that's certainly not my problem (and that's the point I want to make when I say the number of fucks given by me equals zero).

Coming up next time: Duckalicious styled by Running In My Heels!

(top: thrifted via Vintage Vikend swap / skirt: vintage / scarf: vintage Oscar de la Renta / bag: Debenhams / shoes: Funky Shoes / cuff: ASOS)


Monse Fuentes said...

i love the skirt!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

cvetka said...

very chic indeed :D

Irena Mulec said...

me zanima, kaj imajo punčke, ki se skrivajo za vzdevki po forumih kaj lepega za povedat, tako kot one najbolj znajo. uglajeno in brez kletvic in seveda v blazerju in kavbojkah, ruto da ne pozabim, kar je zelo izvirno in osebno.

petra said...

whoever že komentira, nej pač komentira ;D še naprej uživaj v svojih stajlingih in bodi ti!

pqaua1991 said...

great styling!:) i follow u:)

Iben said...

Thanks! I love loud things, and sometimes I struggle so they don't cancel eachother out! Cool top, I like the cutouts. AND I love your comment statement, I hate that follow me crap too!

Love Iben

hiPop said...

spojila si sve nespojivo, i sve sto volim - statement cuff, mint, pattern maramu, cold shoulders <3