Friday, 8 June 2012

Boyfriend Shocker

From ugly pants to ugly shorts. I was just about to get rid of these horribly unflattering three quarter trousers forever, but then it hit me, why not cut them off? Not sure they're any more flattering now though ... I deliberately went for an awkward length which, in addition to the high waist and the print, made my boyfriend cringe in horror. Here's the answer to the question if shorts can possess man repelling powers. Hell yeah, they can. Even with my legs, these are a total killjoy. And I like them.

This blazer used to be my favorite one when I started blogging (damn, seems like another lifetime!) and is seeing the light of day again after quite some time of being forgotten. The bag is from OASAP (thank you) and the wedges from ASOS.

All photos by Irena.

(top, necklace: H&M / shorts: H&M + DIY / blazer: Zara / bag: OASAP / wedges: ASOS)


Krvava Meri said...

Najprej sem prebrala uvod in potem pogledala slike. :P In moram reči, da se mi hlače sploh ne zdijo slabe!

Odlično si jih zapakirala z ostalimi kosi, sploh čevlji so krasni. :)

Katja said...

man repelling with class! torbica je pa čist po mojem okusu ;)


You would look stunning in a sack of potatoes, such is your style.
I am all for recycling.
Loving your shoes.
Have a lovely weekend.

Klavdija.V said...

Čevlji so pa res zakon!!! =)


Slađi said...

Tudi jaz sem se totalno zaljubila v cevlje! <3

Katkoc said...

Hlače so kul! Jaz bi jih imela super kratke - z visoki pasom, jeee :)

Irene Buffa said...

this is so cool!!!
i really love how u combined this outfit
great blog

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L. said...

Blazer is fantastic!

Polona said...

Blazer mi "meu" takoj! :)

Unknown said...

Want those legs and the bag. Just in a different colour ;)

Style Porn said...

Yeah, but you have long femurs, which make any pair of shorts--no matter how stump-ifying or foopa-ifying, look relatively good. Then it tricks me into thinking they will look relatively good on me. Which, of course, they will not.