Thursday, 26 April 2012

Black Is The New Floral

I attended a really cool event yesterday:

The April edition of Art Dialogue presents two interesting, increasingly prominent and particularly creative young ladies who have been making their own marks both at the domestic as well as international fashion scene – the fashion blogger Eva Domijan and fashion designer Janja Videc. Their talk will touch upon the local fashion scene, the future of fashion industry as well as what they like to do most – create.

The lovely ladies entertained us with their well prepared, intelligent, interesting and refreshing dialogue. To more such events!

Eva and Janja

I wore mainly black. Surprising? Three factors contributed to that:
  • I have "nothing to wear" (not literally, of course; I do have things to wear, but most of them fail to impress me). As I was standing desperately in front of my open wardrobe while time was passing by, these pants and this blouse came to the rescue.
  • As much as I'm into floral prints, their omnipresence is becoming slightly nauseating.
  • While (too much) black can make me depressed in winter, I don't mind it in friendlier seasons. I still prefer it combined with (a) vivid color(s), like the electric blue coat I added here.

Photos courtesy of (ha!) Irena (Running in my Heels); my hairstyle courtesy of The Stupid Wind.

(blouse: vintage / pants: H&M / coat, shoes, cuff: ASOS / bag: Debenhams)


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Gorgeous outfit

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Gorgeous! Love this outfit!

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