Thursday, 23 February 2012

Errand Runner

That there over yonder (yep, hillbilly talk still going strong) is my errand outfit (if this even qualifies for an outfit): leggings, knit sweater long enough to cover my lady parts (because - repeat after me if you haven't mastered this already - leggings are not pants), boots with a sturdy heel, and a battered old bag. A bit too plain for this duck, so add some fake fur (I'm getting tired of the word faux, it seems so fake - pun intended) plus a colorful hat, and I'm ready to pick up my mail (if it's not a gray plastic bag labeled ASOS, it's probably no fun), drop a coat off at the dry cleaner's, and shop for cosmetics and sometimes even groceries (the latter being my least favorite kind of shopping).

(jacket: ASOS / men's sweater, leggings, sunnies, bag: H&M / hat: Alice for Alice Hannah London / boots: Catwalk)


Gypsy Gardens said...

ajme, pa ovo je bunda koju sam se 1 dvoumila kupiti ili ne...odlicna je! i tako je, tajice nisu hlace, haha :D

Style Porn said...

That hat really pops in pictures. And you look totally respectable for errand-running. I daresay, you even look a bit dressed up. It's probably the fake fur. Daaaahhhhhling.