Saturday, 7 January 2012


(blouse: vintage / skirt, blazer: Zara / clutch, belt, ring: ASOS / leggings: Clockhouse / boots: Catwalk)

P. S. My blog was mentioned briefly in the January issue of the L&Z magazine.


Sanja Sladič said...

U very nice!

Krvava Meri said...

Čestitke za objavo v cajtngu. :)

Style Porn said...

Woo hoo for print media! It makes it seem so much more real, doesn't it?

And woo hoo for some expert print mixing in this outfit.

piggy said...

What an eye candy! This look is just beyond perfect!

Veronica P. said...

nice mix of prints!

.sabo skirt. said...

Nice outfits. The prints were cute. They matched well together. Lovely!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Vale @ Fashion and Cookies said...

Nice blog and post, Great pictures :)
Let me know if you want to follow each other :)
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beba said...

Opa, čestitke za objavo!

Outfit pa mi je nenormalno všeč! Profesionalka si!

Lydia said...

This is such an inspiring mix of prints. I love how you kept them kinda similar but kinda not, and how you anchored them with solid leggings and boots.

Vulette said...

Your print mixing is fantastic! It looks super fashion forward but with the black it still looks classic.

V x

Fashion Westie said...

Excellent mix of prints! And congratulations on the magazine feature :)

PS: As for 'le oops', in NZ there's a twitter/facebook 'movement' [especially practised by @PebblesHooper and @EmmaGleason] of putting 'le' in front of other words. Totally out of context. It's kinda hilarious. example: 'I am le broke' 'Same, I spent my rent on shoes, le oops!' 'Guess we're window shopping then' 'Le sigh'

InnyVinny said...

DO IT!!! You look amazing. I love the print mix.

Congrats on the magazine mention, too!

Gypsy Gardens said...

wow, ova prva fotka je mrak! jako si mi zgodna! a suknja...savrsena...i svaki put ti se divim na tako hrabrom kombiniranju uzoraka. <3

StyleAntagonist said...

You should try not to blur out your face, you look absolutely beautiful and have good features.. it's a pleasure to know your blog..

Rebecca @

le dressing d'Alizée said...

il faut oser !
mais c'est magnifique ! ;)