Wednesday, 28 December 2011

This Is Not A Gift Guide

No, it's damn sure not - actually, I have quite an aversion to gift guides (although I can't really discern whether it's the term itself or the concept of someone telling me which distastefully expensive items to buy for someone else that makes me go "ugh").

So, what is this then? Well, I guess it's just a little reminder and celebration of giving - to yourself! (And by that, I mean a filler post.) I don't celebrate Christmas since I'm not religious (BTW, what's the deal with non-religious people celebrating it?) and care less and less about New Year, so I'm not big on the (often unnatural and forced) gifting either. I do believe in gifts to self though, with no special occasion needed (the overlapping of this post with the holiday season is pure coincidence). All that said, here's some stuff I gave to myself this month:

1. Vintage blue and gold enamel fish pendant, eBay, 16.50 EUR (shipping included)
2. ASOS Concertina Clutch,, £15 (seen here)
3. Fascino fluffy socks, DM, 2.75 EUR
4. Ziaja Orange Butter Set (shower cream + body butter + lip balm), DM, 9.95 EUR
5. Ana Konder Exclusive For ASOS Faux Fur Hat "Blue Fox",, £12
6. Thrifted two-tone hot pink and navy top, Gvant, 5.40 EUR

 Blue Fox - almost as crazy as the Honey Badger!


Krvava Meri said...

Slovite police so res krasno izpadle. ;)

Katrin said...

Love the clutch!

Chahana said...

that clutch is amazing! that would be an amazing piece in my wardrobe, jealousy! hahah
but hun, you have an amazing blog!