Sunday, 4 December 2011


December is making me feel festive, which in my case means throwing on some bright colored clashing prints and having some wine (hot or cold, I don't discriminate).

(pants, coat: Zara / shirt: no name / kimono blouse: H&M / necklace: JFR / bag: vintage / booties: ASOS)


beba said...

Saj ne vem al si kje že napisala pa jaz nisem opazila ali pa sem pozabila... Tako da te zdaj vprašam: A maš nov fotoaparat? Ker maš ful lepe fotke zadnje čase..

Torbica je ful kul, hehe!

I R E N A.® said...

prve dve fotka čisti street style, se ti poda.

drugač pa upam da si ok, fajn bi te blo vidt spet
hug hug

I R E N A.® said...

lol prvi dve fotki *

Monse Fuentes said...

you look fabulous!


Style Porn said...

Ah, I love seeing you "out in the wild" so to speak. Wherever you live makes an awfully pretty backdrop...which reminds me, I either don't know or forget where you call home. Please share.

duckalicious said...

thanks, guys!

@Beba: boljši objektiv + fotograf se je nauču par novih for :)

@Irena: ma evo, hanging in there. prid kej naokol, gremo na vinčka/gin tonic!

@Style Porn: I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia (not Slovakia!). ever heard of it? it's a small country in Europe, quite peaceful with some nice landscapes, but unluckily it can get pretty backwards here, too. you should come visit someday =)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

E said...

I absolutely adore your coat! I'm kind of obsessing over gray tweed right now. Want.

Borjana said...

Love how flowers and stripes look together!Great coat and boots,my stylish friend!;)

unstoppablestyle said...

ok two things. one, i love your style, and i love that you dressed up pants that kinda look like sweats. i kinda wanna do that, but i'm scared it'll look stupid lol.


you know what? fuck this guy. (not literally.) of course, it hurts to like someone so much and not be able to be with them like you'd want to, but thinking about him is most likely just a waste of your energy. don't boost his ego further, seems like it's out of proportion as it is. don't give him any more power over you. when you feel like you miss him, try imagining him sitting on the toilet having the worst case of the shits or something similarily stupid. just let him go, you know? I'm sure you deserve better, act like it!

you made me laugh SO hard when i read this! i know it was last month, but i'm busy with school/can't update because i don't have anyone to take pics of me, and when i saw that today, i knew i had to let you know right away haha. i'm just dying picturing him on the thanks for that. :)