Saturday, 29 October 2011

Feeling Blue

"Oh, the horror - she's wearing everything from the same store again!" :D Except for the booties, I got these second hand from Eva Ana which just might happen to be an even more unfathomable fashion crime as far as some people are concerned - oh my, someone else wore this before me, god help us! Anyway, I like the contrast of the rough, bulky shoes against the light, feminine, flowy pleats of the skirt. The weather continues to suck and all this grayness is fucking depressing. Wearing this vivid blue skirt helped a little.

(shirt, blazer, skirt: Zara / ring: Angie Gooderham / bag: Debenhams / booties: Catwalk)

P. S. I just realised I had forgotten to put on a silvertone statement necklace - that might be just what this look is missing.


Eva said...

Hahah a, citat Elle Slovenija? :D
Meni je všeč, še posebej krilo in čevlji! :)

Annelie said...

And hello Autumn depression! Love the colour of the skirt :-)

silent fionna said...

the skirt is awesome!!!!

StyleAntagonist said...

wow! pleated skirt with a twist of color.. love it.

Tesa said...

joj ta kikla! <3

Eden said...

haha, i love your shoutout a lot! i kind of hate that too where i feel like i'm "forced" to follow if you know what i mean.:)

anyway, just wanted to say how much i like the way you styled this outfit--electric pleats in blue, very decadent:)


wobblinbetty said...

loving this outfit doll, especially the jacket!

when BABI speaks said...

love your blazer and skirt! they're both fabulous!