Sunday, 11 September 2011

To Better Days

I've been really bad at updating lately and I don't like that one bit, but sometimes life just gets in the way. As I believe in honesty (that's a quote out of a pretty annoying song, isn't it?), I'll just tell you the reason behind my absence: I've been really depressed. Combine that with killer PMS and the full moon approaching, and you've got one very messed up Duck.

If there's anything good coming out of all this shit, it's that it's forcing me to get my life in order. I'm aware this might sound pretty cliche, but I mean it. I'm truly going to start listening to myself and finally do some things that have been long overdue. After all, the life is to be lived - another cliche, but how could I disagree?

I'm really looking forward to getting back to regular outfit posting (hopefully tomorrow); until then, here are some of my shots at photography. (I know, I have a lot to learn.) Is it just me or do these have this optimist feel to themselves, you know, like out with the trash, rise up to the sky, the light, finding a way and stuff?

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Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! (I guess I'm having a cliche day.)


Gypsy Gardens said...

Dobra stvar kod depresija i PMS-ova je sto su prolazni :) I nakon njih, sunce :) Klišej, ali mene tiješi :)


Zarna said...

sorry that you're sad :( hope everything gets better soon!

Florie said...

I hope you're feeling all the way better Duckie.. we all have shitty times but we have to have faith that every trough is preparing us for the next peak right! tweet/ email me if you ever need a sounding board babe.


nihrida said...

Ma ja, sem v podobni godlji že par let in se nikakor ne morem spraviti ven. Ne vem več kaj naj... Na boljše čase!

beba said...

Zadnja fotka mi je ful dobra.

Želim ti veliko potrpežljivosti s sabo (: