Thursday, 29 September 2011

Patched Up

When has it become so hard to come up with half decent photos? I'm far from satisfied with these, but I had to lower my criteria a little in order to finally post something again.

(blouse, shoes: Zara / faux leather jacket: H&M / skirt, earrings: from a local ethnic shop / bag: Debenhams / ring: ASOS)

Oh, remember when I told you how much I hated my job? Well ... I quit it. I feel like a new person.


nihrida said...

Ti vsaj imaš nekoga, da te vsaj približno OK slika. ;) Meni so bile tvoje fotke zmeraj všeč. Tako kot mi je všeč tvoja jaknica na sliki. I like.

Style Porn said...

Oh man, you quit your job? CONGrATS. There is literally no better feeling in the world than extracting yourself from a hellish situation. Let's be honest, not all hellish situations are avoidable, so it's best to take advantage.

Andreea said...

Great skirt!



Hahah, there's a bit of irony as I actually LOVE these photos. They're quite cool.

ALSO, YAY! Congrats! Enjoy your new life xx

NinaSafada said...