Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Captain Hindsight

I've been experiencing some dark days (but I am fighting!), which means no new photos, which means here are some older ones (the length of my hair says spring 2011) that somehow didn't make their way up here before.

Another thing (I already feel like a freaking spammer) - please give me a "like" in the Bloggers' Wardrobe contest, it will only take you something like 5 seconds but mean a lot to me. The procedure:
  1. First, like the Bloggers' Wardrobe Facebook Page;
  2. Then, click off to my photo here and give that a big old like, too!

Beware of the mutant arm!


Mancina said...

a zadnja fotka! kolk mi je pa to všeč <3

Jessica said...

love all the outfits

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

super si mi sva ;)

Abi said...

love love love the looks!
following you,


odlične kombinacije ;) love it.

Style Porn said...

I would be honored to vote for you! And ain't nothing wrong with a few "vintage" outfit posts. I won't likely be having any new outfit posts either, since my boyfriend, aka my personal photographer is currently in school hell. No time for my vain whims.

lena muniz said...

I already feel like a freaking spammer too....nice blog, very nice blog!