Friday, 2 September 2011

Calling All Cars!

Remember when I told you about that Bloggers Wardrobe thing I'd like to be a part of? The final round of the competition for the last places is here and since it's taking place on Facebook where I don't have a thousand friends, I'll need all the help I can get. If you have a Facebook account, you can cast your vote for me in two very simple steps:
  1. First, like the Bloggers' Wardrobe Facebook Page;
  2. Then, click off to my photo here and give it a big old like, too!
OK, on to other things - the outfit. This vintage black blouse must be the awesomest piece of clothing I ever thrifted so the fact I just can't catch its awesomeness on camera is pretty frustrating. And these so-ugly-that-they-are-pretty open back lace-up booties, I'd been eyeing them for an eternity and finally decided to order. I got them for merely 12 EUR, reduced from 65 GBP (who's thinking "I wouldn't want these for free" right now?). I just put them on for the photos (not something I'd usually do), while I actually wore my black sandals from the previous post. It was 29 degrees Celsius today, folks - that's my kind of September!

(blouse, earrings: vintage / dress worn as skirt: Marks & Spencer / shoes, strikethrough ring: ASOS / bag: Debenhams / bracelets: H&M)


The Queen of Hearts said...

First, I love the title of you blog! It is clever and unexpected.

Second, the look is fantastic. I love the subtle color play between your lips and your dress -- not to mention juxtaposed against the dark background. I also love the seemingly unconventional footwear. It all works.


Allegra said...

lovely outfit!

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Haidée said...

love your blog you are very pretty for the latest fashion post

India said...

so nice!

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Oo I contemplated getting those shoes for so long! Wishing I did ;)

xx Cristina

I R E N A. said...

waaaa... kwa so dobri!!! enkrat jih morva pelat na spoznavni žur :D haha