Sunday, 10 April 2011


I've been to Venice a few times already and it amazed me every time, but it never felt as beautiful as yesterday. All this architecture, art and awesomeness packed into this astonishing city on the water, it's just overwhelming. If you're into this shit and you have a chance, go see it. Just remember to avoid the cafes on Piazza San Marco unless you're willing to pay 15 euros for a shitty cup of coffee.

(top: H&M / pants: from Vietnam / bag: Dorothy Perkins / shoes: Zara)

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I R E N A said...

full dober outfit! benetke pa itak <3
si me spomnila da bi bilo fino it spet mal pogledat :))))

NinaSafada said...

še nikoli nisem bla v benetkah O.o sramota glede na to kako blizu so nam in da je bla že cela družina razen mene...a bo že en dan :D
ful mi je všeč tvoja obleka in da ne govorim o zapestnicah...naravnost v mojo mapo na računalnik!

monsefuentes said...

Loving the outfit.

XX, Monse Fuentes.-

Sid said...

love your outfit. venice looks beautiful

sojourned in style said...

perfect outfit to such a culturaly rich city. love the colour blocking and those brogues are to die for!

astrid.york said...

prekrasan grad. prekrasan. uživam u tvojim slikama :D