Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yes, they're new. Don't say anything, I know I need rehab. Like I said on Twitter, I keep telling myself I can't own every awesome shoe out there, but I just don't seem to listen. Bummer.

(sweater, shirt: H&M Men / jeggings: Dorothy Perkins / skirt: H&M / shoes, ring: ASOS / clutch, earrings: from eBay)


Krvava Meri said...

Broken link alert. Povezava ima odvečni klicaj. ;)
In sploh nisem vedela, da si račka IN tička. Že sledim.

Čevlji so mi nadvse všeč. <3

Krvava Meri said...

Ok, ne. Povezava ni delovala samo zame, ki sem imela še stari Twitter. Sori za napačen signal.

Blunettes said...

Don't care you already have too many shoes, they're awesome anyways :)

kiwaczek2 said...

what would life be without addictions ;)