Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bold In The Cold*

Disclaimer: When I had written this post, I was ovo-lacto-vegetarian, not yet vegan. Veganism is about much more than just the food we eat; it's an ethical lifestyle that also implies refraining from any products made of animals, including (but not limited to) fur, leather, wool, feathers, and silk. I don't buy wool products anymore (or any animal products, for that matter), however, I still wear some of those I owned before going vegan. You can find more info about why wool is not an ethical choice online.

I've been getting compliments on my (anti-cold) layering lately, so I thought I'd be a doll and share a tiny fraction of my infinite wisdom. Yes, winter is an enormous bitch, but the cold doesn't necessarily mean you should say goodbye to light blouses and skirts; what's more, you don't even have to freeze your ass off in the process! So here are some simple, yet effective strategies I employ to stay warm and look chic when it's freaking freezing outside:
  • Stock up on tights/leggings, basic tank tops and long-sleeved tops, knit sweaters/dresses and socks.
  • Use multiple layers (for example, tights + leggings + extra socks, long sleeved top + blouse + knit cardigan). I prefer the pieces that are in direct contact with my skin to be made of 100% cotton and the "top layer" pieces in cotton + wool combo.
  • Materials are key - polyester or cotton might not keep you warm the way wool does. It's my experience that you'll be warmer in one pair of tights/leggings that contain some wool than in two pairs of wool-less ones.
  • It's a smart idea to invest in a coat with a high percentage of wool (I have a chunky one with 48% and a thinner one with 80% share) before it gets really cold (where I live, that's usually towards the end of November, but you should start looking a week or two earlier in case you don't find it right away).
  • Cold feet suck ass, so use double socks (the outer ones containing wool) and/or wool insoles for your shoes.
  • Scarves, gloves and hats are a must; again, it's a smart idea to choose those with wool.
  • Don't forget to accessorize. If the thought of cold metal on your skin scares you, opt for brooches or pieces made with fabric/wool.
  • Contrasts are fun, so why not juxtapose a chunky knit sweater to a light summery skirt? Definitely experiment!

Real life example - I'm wearing cotton tights + wool leggings + light skirt + wool socks + long sleeved cotton top + light blouse + blazer (+ wool coat). I'd normally wear a chunky cardigan over the blouse but I wanted to go for the "I mean business, bitch!" look today rather than the "pet me, I'z a fluffeh little kitteh" one, hence the tux blazer.

(blazer, skirt, leggings, rings, shoes: H&M / blouse, coat: Zara / clutch: Topshop / brooch: vintage)

* the title is pretty lame, but it's an hour past my bedtime on weekdays and I just couldn't come up with anything better


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

o super nasveti. Zdaj vemo kako to, da ne zmrzneš v krilcih :) Bom sprobala, ker me blazno matrajo krilca v mrazu (čisto vsako zimo ... Poleti pa bi nosila dolge hlače :P).

Kaj pa če si alergičen na volno in jo iz dna srca sovražiš (ker tako pika)?

monsefuentes said...

I love your look, you have an amazing bag.

xx, Monse.-

Style Porn said...

Ok, I just read your comment disclaimer. HOW did I miss that before? Genius.

Anyhoo, thanks for the step-by-step. I think I need to stock up on some quality wool blend tights in order to make wearing year-round dresses a possibility. Then again I live in San Francisco, which is dreary but not really cold, so I really shouldn't need this many layers at all--except that I'm ALWAYS cold!

Katkoc said...

Uporabni nasveti, tenkju :)

chichichic said...

how pretty! i love the purse, so lady like, this ensemble!

beba said...

Resnično resnično, ti si res pametna! Saj ne, da bi kdaj dvomila v to (:

Mir in ljubezen!

Brandy Shaloo said...

I LOVE that look! Very cool pieces, the bag is awesome!