Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I've been having some mood swings for the last few days. Luckily, they're that mild kind of mood swings and don't affect me that much, but I admit they're somehow scary because they remind me of depression and all those unpleasant feelings I like to think I left behind. Anyway, I've gotten pretty good at shooing them away, so I'm fine. Other than that (and the never-ending work related dilemmas, but I really don't wanna get into that right now), I'm actually feeling pretty nice and optimistic. There are many things I'd like to talk (write) about, but I somehow never manage to follow through; either I can't find the right words or I just forget what was on my mind. I gotta share something right now though: I'm going away next week for our annual trip. Goodbye, work; hello, Vietnam!

(dress, cardigan, belt, bag, overknee socks, lace bike shorts: H&M / blazer, hat: Zara / shoes: Converse / sunglasses: from eBay / scarf: no name)

Some bonus shots from our citytripping in Ljubljana today:


Rebecca said...

love the brown bag and fedora!!

beba said...

Ej, to pa je čist tak, kot se meni dogaja te dneve. Če izvzamem službo in Vietnam, hah :D Kak to da greš v Vietnam? Noro dobro (:

Fotka na stolu je supadupa kul in seksi ;)

Mir in ljubezen!

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so amazing!



Matea said...

I know how you're feeling love, I'm having the same mood swings and I'm starting to worry :)
Odlične su mi fotke, i Ljubljana <3

Clara said...

lovely look!

Style Porn said...

I know the feeling, friend. I guess the thing about having depression is that it can (and probably will) rear its ugly head from time to time, but you'll always come out on the other side. For me it hits like clockwork every 2-3 years and i suddenly can't get out of bed or stop crying for 3 weeks. But the good thing is, I always get better! It's just a cycle that I have to ride out. Ride the wave...

And I'm jealous you're going to Vietnam. It sounds deliciously spontaneous and just what the Dr. ordered to make you stop stressing about mood swings and work (ugh). Please share lots of pictures!