Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wings ... I Haz Them, pt. II

(blouse: H&M /skirt: Topshop / blazer: Zara / fake fur vest: TW / tights: Filodoro / boots: New Yorker)

I find the second photo absolutely hilarious. I look like some kind of a crazed angel with those fake fur wings, hands put together like in prayer and the insane look in my eyes as if it was pointing towards heaven.


Abi said...

I like the pop of turquoise, ruffle details on the blouse, and the fur. Nice!

Luca said...

You look stunning!
The panty is wonderful!

Start dreaming on

monsefuentes said...

great look, i´m your new follower
xx, monse.-

Marian said...

i like the colour of the skirt

Malu Rivero said...

wow! you have exactly the same number of followers haha!!

Ditchette said...

love the pencil skirt its such a great color!

Beckerman Girls said...

Beautiful turquoise eye make-up! And love the tights too! I can't quite make out the pattern on them, but it looks like a graphic version of lace or like a very Jean Paul Gaultier style print! You look powerful & totally cute! Hope u had a great weekend :) lots of love
Beckerman Girls


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. Enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

Laura said...

Lovely look:)))

Irena said...

Lepa! Všeč mi je krilo, lepo popestri krila, haha! Jup u haz them ;)))

have a nice day, btw love your blog!

Matea said...

haha, crazed angel haz a good look :D
bas je fora fake fur, super mi izgleda ovako na sako <3