Saturday, 22 January 2011


So I saw this gorgeous coat today, almost perfect, except for one unforgivable flaw: the price tag. 2.500 EUR for a fucking coat, seriously? What the fuck is it made of, diamonds?

Then I went to Zara and happily bought myself a discounted man's hat for 7,99 EUR (not this one, this is an older one).

Oh, and I (still) freaking adore this skirt! The strange looks I get make me appreciate it even more.

(skirt, sweater: vintage / coat, hat: Zara / boots: C&A / bag, snood, leggings, gloves: H&M / brooch: Alilang)


Kitchy Bitchy said...

yaay, vidim da imaš res rada tole krilo :)

Chomy said...

haha your liberal use of the word FUCK is one of the reasons i am fond of you. 2500 euro for a coat? and there is s kid somewhere whose village can eat for a whole month on that alone. a flaw indeed!

monsefuentes said...

great outfit, you look great :)

xx, monse.-

Lulu Frances said...

your blog is cool :) i like the fur!