Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Miss January: The CultureCynic

Posting interviews was never intended for this blog; actually, if someone asked me not so long ago what I thought about it, I'd confidently reply I wasn't interested in such fillers. However, "meeting" (online, not /yet/ in person) some stylish blogging individuals with an abundance of smart things to say made me change my mind. It's a freaking honor to present my first victim, January's blogger of the month - with a wonderful sense of style and a mind sharp as a razor, here's the amazing miss Chomy of

Let's start with some simple ones to warm up. How are you today?
Ha! I am fine dear. Thank you, hope you are too :)

If this was happening in a cafe or a bar, what would you be drinking?
Green tea latte with soy or Cafe Mocha.

What are you wearing right now? ;D
Clothing over my birthday suit hehe.

Some more about you ...
Apart from posting your fabulous outfits, what do you do? What does a typical day in Chomy's life look like?
Well I am a project coordinator/grad student by day. Freelance image/PR consultant by night. Creative hussler 8 days a week.

A typical day starts with my alarm going off and me hitting snooze at least ? times, then I drag myself out of bed and hit the shower, talk to myself in there for a bit and get dressed, give the hair a good tease/fluff and spend at least 10 mins picking shit up, misplacing it and then spazing out for 10 mins frustratingly tossing shit to find it, my keys that is. You have to know that I am not a morning person so getting myself out of the door is an achievement. Quick outfit pictures of what I am wearing. Subway. Train ride to work (catch up news, think ALOT about shit, develop ideas in my head), get to the office, coffee run, WORK, lunch, more Work, classes on days I have them, Home, catch up on life, update blog, do freelance shit that needs to be done, work on my business plan, assignments or papers, stay up till 3 am and then DO IT AGAIN.

(Pop) culture. Name your fave (feel free to list more than one if you can't decide):
song - too much of a Music fan to choose just one song, if I start with a list, this could go on longer than my rants :P
book - The God Delusion
movie - so many to count, I love movies/films, esp. documentaries.
TV series - at the moment Dexter/True Blood/Terriers/Peep Show/Inbetweners/Luther and anything on CurrentTV ... list goes on but I am very obsessed with 70's, 80's and 90's shows as well thanks to the interweb, I watch most of my shows online.

Proceeding to fashion related stuff ...
Style vs. fashion - how do you define them? Do they essentially mean the same thing or is there a difference?
In my opinion, Style is less about fashion and more about attitude. It is balls, it is confidence, it is personality, it is creativity, it is less about the clothes and more about what you do with the clothes. It is about PullOffAbility. Anyone can be Fashion-Able with the right items but style is more personal than that ... it is all about your delivery.

What do you hate/despise the most about fashion industry/fashion blogging world?
I think the fashion industry thrives on cliches and maintaining the status quo, it is not really conducive to change in my opinion, sure every now and again some randoms get their shine in the industry but those happen once every blue moon. The culture and aesthetics don't really change because the people who can actually do something get meek when they get the opportunity.

The fashion industry is laced with so much irony that it makes me wonder why people expect anything more than what's there. Think about it. Fat ugly men making clothes for tall, gorgeous women. People with questionable personal style being propelled to 'godlike' status just because their Monday morning ensemble cost more than the car some who read this are driving. The identity crisis is so obvious that I guess some people want to 'pretend' it is not there. It is 'In' to be on the side of the fashion industry and not talk bad about it. It is sort of like when the fashion bloggers go all apeshit over high street 'knocking off' designer pieces yet run like mad to cop the latest J. Campbell shit like it is the most original shit in the world. The whole shit is funny to me.

With regards to fashion blogging, I find it kind of stale at times mostly with the 'cool kids circle', some of the people who started out with a distinct voice can barely speak up behind the overbearing weight of sponsorships and free shit. Most of the 'It' bloggers have gradually become just hangers and ass kissers, the whole thing seems desperate to me. When was the last time who heard a fashion blogger outwardly condemn something that is foul in the fashion industry? Of course they all start out appearing like they would but I guess once you start getting free shit, you gotta watch the way you talk. There is a difference between been hungry and being desperate.

I see a pattern developing where most fashion bloggers are just there to get tickets to shows or get magazine spotlights. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can can see it when 'it' happens. They slowly start conforming, the brands change, the rhetoric changes, the tone changes and becomes less of what they used to be. I look at these young aspiring bloggers who are so thirsty for blogger fame that they just let themselves become puppets willing to play whatever role to become a 'successful' blogger a.k.a. one that makes it to front row and gets invited to shit. What some of these girls don't realize is their power, a power that wasn't really bestowed on them by the fashion industry yet they are bending over every day and selling out their individual voice for a spot next to the fashion gods. I can't respect that. Thankfully there are TONS of fashion/style bloggers out there who are keeping that independent flame burning.

Do you prefer planning your outfits in advance or dressing spontaneously?
I tend to dress spontaneously, it is more fun that way to get to wear all the shit I have been hoarding. I usually see what I want to wear in my head and I start throwing it on till it makes some kind of sense to me. I find that plans always backfire, weather gets in the way and there is always temporary water weight gain to throw things off, moreover outfit plans are useless on those days you just can't find that one jacket that you bought that one time but haven't seen since the last time you moved. One thing I do consider however is functionality with regards to my day clothes, I wear heels most of the time but some shoes and pieces simply can't withstand the daily grind of trains and confined spaces. So I put that into consideration.

Which sounds scarier to you - looking too plain or too trendy?

Looking desperate, lol.

Philosophical section ...
If it was either looks or brains, which one would you choose?
Both is preferred but if it comes down to it, brains. I can't do anything with a hot somebody with the thinking capacity of a goat. With the right tools, you can make almost anyone look good, now smarts is something that is either present or isn't. You can't turn a moron into something less than a moron. Sarah Palin has proven that (gosh I despise that woman). A deal breaker for me is a good looking person with no sense whatsoever. I am MEAN to dumbasses, I have no trouble admitting that. I can't fucking stand their kind and I never let them get away with it!

Why did the chicken cross the street?
To find Peter Griffin and fuck him up! (Family Guy reference) :)

Life's a bitch. True or false? Justify.
Life is a bitch for most and a beach for a few. Life is unfair for the most part so human beings find ways to get around that. We find ways to pass time so we go to school to get degrees, get jobs to pay for those degrees, find people to sleep with to make babies ... live, have sex, work, pass time, get old and die and in between that most still find time for religion and find ways to kill each other for God, money, oil and territories ... Life is set up to keep human beings occupied so they rarely have time to stop and process 'Life'. To me, Life is pointless; human beings through their actions and reactions give it purpose by finding things to do, things to create, things to destroy ...

And some randomness to wrap it all up ...
Let's play some associations. What's the first word that comes to mind when I say:
love - intoxicating/unstable
fashion - religion to some
stupid - Sarah Palin/Jersey Shore
Kanye West - Brilliant
Fashion Toast - just a girl who was lucky enough to get chosen
JC Lita boots - status symbol

Describe in a few words your dream ...
job - finally set up my own Marketing/Communications firm
vacation - Egypt
place to live - anywhere but where I am
shoes - Platforms, High heels with chunky platforms

Many thanks to Chomy, stay fabulous! :*


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Hi honey!!!

Fabulous post! lovely style!! <33


Elekon said...

amazing interview, miss Chomy is fab, love her use of colour in outfits!


Matea said...

Dobro izgleda :)

Matea said...

Računaj na mene! :D
Btw, ovo je jedan od najzanimljivijih intervjua koje sam čitala/radila. Pametno, cinično i nikako površno. Divna si :)

beba said...

Ej,po moje tudi eden zanimivejših intervjujev! Tak fajn, da ni vse o oblačilih pa oblikovalcih :D
Jaz tudi spremljam njen blog (ravno prek tvojega sem ga našla) in mi je fajn, ko da mislit in navdihne. Pa stil ma tudi kul, tak barvit, pogumen.

Pa čestitam za objavo na jinx-u!

Mir in ljubezen!

Chomy said...

thanks baby cakes..haha all of the old pix you used here made me laugh, i looked so bloody young!!! OMG y?! lol

Alix said...

The boots on the last photo are awsome...I love animal prints =)

Sarah Jane said...

Chomy is definitely one of my personal style icons because she's intelligent and looks great. Amazing interview!

Sarah Jane R.