Saturday, 15 January 2011

Boyfriend + Girlfriend

These jeans are merely boyfriend cut, while the sweater is actually my boyfriend's. (My grandma's comment: "You've got so many clothes and you're taking his, too?") I playfully (ha!) combined the boyfriend stuff with some very feminine items: pearls, a hint of animal print, red belt and lipstick.

(blazer, boyfriend jeans, belt, bag, ring: H&M / boyfriend's sweater: Topman / boots: New Yorker / necklace: vintage from eBay)

Bonus: meet Leon!


jemina said...

Ha Ha Ha, I LOVE to borrow clothes from my other half too, and honey, you are so gorgeous!!!, and LEON!!!!!! he is a handsome cat!

I hope you have a lovely weekend


Eva @ Fashionistas Diary said...

Ooo, kok so pa te slike lepe :) Zgledajo prav poletno :D
Js si občasno sposojam obleke od atija haha:D


Krvava Meri said...

I love everything about this post. <3

Melrose said...

I love how you made his sweater so feminine! you're so working it!

and leon is adorable!

Lea said...

<3 + <3

Fashion Fabrice said...

Love the post! The sweater is awesome with the blzer and belt!! And Leon is so cute!!:)

Style Porn said...

The only thing better than wearing your own clothes is wearing someone else's--yes, we're all guilty and I do it too.

Leon is very dignified looking. Is he yours?!

Mouthwash said...

my boyfriend gets possessive whenever I try to take his clothes....humph!

I love how you styled this - it's an awesome outfit!


beba said...

O, kak je Leon lep!

Mir in ljubezen!

Francesca said...

that cat is so cute. love the rolled up jeans!

F. ( x

vicen said...

This post dedicated to you:

WendyB said...

Fabulous. The jeans look great with those boots. Oh, I remember the days (in 2008?) when rolled-up boyfriend jeans were scandalous!

Jen said...

Girl, your accessories are amazing!! Especially the red belt!

Happy Monday Darling! xo

vicen said...

Thank you, have a nice blog.

Neekoh said...

You did it perfectly! Love that the red belt is underneath the cardi.