Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lay It On Me

This is what happens when I'm cold and late for work; I just throw on layers of the warmest stuff I can find. Cold weather is fucking annoying.

My face often looks rectangular on the photos. WTF?

Also, I think I might have (unintentionally) copied this title from some other blog. So sue me.

Entered my giveaway yet?

(coat: Topshop - turtleneck: no name - shorts, cardigan: Promod - leggings: Wallis - boots: New Yorker - bag: vintage - gloves: H&M /I think/)


nihrida said...

Tretja fotka zmaga. Všeč sta mi vijola puloverček in hlačke. =)

NinaSafada said...

ful lepo! :)) vjola plašček mi je carski <3

Mia said...

Love the shoes!!! <3