Thursday, 2 September 2010

Too Easy

Feeling good ...
And I don't even care if the shoes don't match the outfit very well.

(blouse: Stradivarius - top, bracelets, rings, socks: H&M - pants: no name - shoes: Graceland - belts: too old to remember)

But I do wish I wore my panama hat with it!


Florie said...

those pants and those shoes i neeeeed!and what nail varnish is that it looks lovely for winter..

E said...

The proportions are absolutely perfect in this outfit. Love the slight hint of color, too.

duckalicious said...

Florie, it's Essence from the Twilight (LOL) limited edition. it's actually similar to one Orly I already have, so I'd gladly give it to you! if you want it, hit me up with your address at

(hope you see this, I'm putting it here if anyone else wants to know about the nail polish)

YES YOU, CLICK HERE :) said...

Love the pants !

Mouthwash said...

great outfit!


butterfly307 said...

odlične hlače!!
ja bih samo maknula remen! cipele mi zapravo dobro idu na sve ovo! ;)