Monday, 6 September 2010


Sorry, no outfit today, my photographer is too cold. :D (The highest temperature here today was fucking 15°C!) Here are some photos from this weekend instead; I went to the Croatian seaside with my fave guy and we had a freaking amazing time! It was almost like time travel (but without all the incomprehensible stuff and paradoxes) as we went back to summer! The water was clear and not too cold and in the evening we attended yet another amazing TBF concert. Pure bliss!

(swimsuit bottom: H&M - nails: Essence nail polish from Eclipse Limited Edition)

Question: Why the fuck is everybody raving about the Lanvin - H&M collabo already? Let's at least wait for a little preview, shouldn't we? I wish people would realize already that just 'cause it's a big designer name, there's no guarantee it's gonna be so cool and all.

Oh and
P.S. Macarons are so fucking overrated it's not even funny.


Ana said...

Ah, (TBF)Saša :D

Enchanted Gardens said...

Darling! Ohhh, even in the photos it looks so warm...imagine that only 2-3 hours away is cold...that sucks. I fell in love with Istra this summer. TBF <3
I was waiting for you on Lanvin&H&M thing :) I don't understand the pre mature fuss. And we call ourselves fashion bloggers, hehe ;)

Carmen said...

love the post! nice pics :)

take also a look at my blog, and maybe you would become a blogfriend :)?


Sweet said...

Great photos my dear!!!! sus impressed with the creativity!!!


Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

I love the first pic, that beautiful sun! Qua, qua XD

Chomy said...

ahahahahaahaha....i know now why i LOVE you, you are always SPOT ON with your observations ! as far as i am concerned. you already know the cynic in me was rolling her eyes over and over again. even bloggers who probably couldn't pronounce Lanvin are raving about it. SMH! i could care less. for the most part, most of these collaborations have been SHIT and i am not afraid to admit it. I will be damned if some designer hashes out some subpar collection and try it to sell it to me for a jacked up price , what i am paying for, tags??? like you said we shall wait and see...even at that, it is never that serious !!

and i never got the deal with macaroons either but i just thought it was me being a pastry snub :P

Ines said...

Images are amazing! said...

"Why the fuck is everybody raving about the Lanvin - H&M collabo already?"

An H&M/designer collaboration means that a lot of people who admire the designer but don't have enough money to buy their pieces will now be able to afford them and consequently own a little bit of (fashion) history, something designed by a great genius. Not knowing what the pieces will look like yet is of secondary importance here. People are happy because of the possibility. :)