Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Year Later

One year ago, I opened my newly established style blog named Duckalicious by posting this. Sure, there were times when I wanted to send it all to hell, but I'm still here and it feels pretty nice right now. I ain't making any speeches, that would be against my anti-bullshit policy, I just want to thank everybody who supported me in this, not only the great people from my "real life" but also all my virtual soulmates, friends, and acquaintances out there who were ever touched or even inspired by what's going on here. A big, wet kiss to all of you!!!

OK, that was that. Before we proceed to the giveaway winners, just let me complain a little, will you? Here goes:
  • I got a fucking cold in fucking August.
  • Today, on the hottest day in August (so far), I wore jeggings and a blazer to work.
  • I can't upload the damn photos of today's outfit.
Finally, the moment you've been waiting for! :D I printed out all the names (from blog comments and also from Facebook post comments in case of giveaway #1), cut them out, closed my eyes, mixed them up and chose one for each giveaway. Here are the three lucky ones:

Congrats, babes! (I assume you are babes ... if there are any guys among you, no offence. :D)

The #1 winner who participated via Facebook will be notified there. The #2 and #3 winners, leave a comment under this post with your email addresses. (Please comment from the same profile as before so I can be sure it's the same person. Note to self: next time require emails with entries! :D)

I wish I could say I'm off to the centre now to celebrate the anniversary with some nice red wine, but due to my fucking cold, the only place I'll be going tonight is the bed. Better luck next year! =)


Ana said...

Congrats to the ladies :D

Flaf said...

Yaaay, zadela! :D :D
Glede prehlada te pa čist razumem... Got one myself :/ Sej, kaj bi pa druzga pričakoval k je tok mrzlo :(

Še moj mejl:
Wiiiii :D

Afrodite said...

Congrats! My blog is also one year right now and I'm loving it!

I don't know your blog until now.. I found it on the Be In Style blog in a post where you were chosen: 'Best of the Web: Style Blogs', congrats for that!

I also noticed you always blur or hide your face... Why is that? Because you seem to have a pretty face ;)!

xxxo Afrodite

P.S. I added you to my blog roll :)

M said...

Čestitke za ta več kot uspešen enoletni podvig pisanja bloga! Naj ti ne zmanjka idej in veselja do pisanja!!! :)

Sweet said...

aww congratulations for the three winners...

have a great weekend dear!!!

take care

Style Bird said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!! xo

Tesa said...

just wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hope you're feeling better and I'll see you soon! xoxoxoxoo

Josh said...

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michelle_ said...

congrats to all winners !! :)
thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

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