Sunday, 8 August 2010

Grandma Duck

I couldn't resist granny shoes any longer after spotting this perfect white pair on sale for 8 euros. As expected, my grandma liked them immediately, while my mom was kinda shocked at first but later decided they looked good on me.

The scarf on my head is an attempt of camouflaging greasy hair. A bit yucky, but does the trick!

(top: H&M - skirt: from eBay - blazer: Zara - shoes: Graceland - scarf worn as headpiece: vintage)


Tesa said...

lušno! :)

InnyVinny said...

I love the shoes too! They're so cute.

And if a scarf is what works, who cares if it's a bit yucky. It works! =P

Sweet said...

love the scarf, great job on it...and those shoes are great it!!!!

it really matches your outfit my dear!

take care

Frickys said...

This head scarf detail is gorgeous!
And I have the same blazer, you wore it perfectly with that skirt.

Chomy said...

for some reason, i didn't see this till today.. dont know why. but anyway. That scarf totally works not as a cover up for bad hair days but for an all around, just because kinda deal.and the shoes are just darling, dig how you paired them with the structured jacket.

sandra said...

Love these shoes! And the second to last picture is great :)