Thursday, 8 July 2010


(dress: Miss Selfridge - hat, shoes: no name - bag: vintage - jwlry: mostly H&M)

I've been feeling pretty crappy these days. I can't get enough sleep, I can't do stuff that should be done, I hardly make it through work every day, I don't go running anymore, my hair is dirty, my nails aren't polished and the flat is a total mess. I'm going to the seaside in a few days, but I can't even look forward to that. Why is life such a beeyotch?


nihrida said...

OBO┼ŻUJEM zadnjo fotko!

Enchanted Gardens said...

It will pass, everything does. Maybe the wrong set of words for your post, but I am too not very optimistic right now. Don't know why, though. But this red with gold is awesome, you inspired me to wear mine neglected and lonely red dress :) Jako lijepa zadnja slika ;)
xxx Maegan said...

that last shot is fantastic!