Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Bummer

Pretty depressed by the fact that the first day of summer brought us a fuckton of rain and freezing at no more than 17°C, I went to get me some running shoes this afternoon (mission succeeded) ... and came back with a big-ass-so-full-it's-tearing-at-the-seams white bag with "H&M" printed all over it. Those damn stores of theirs always just happen to cross my path and I never fail to pop in "to take a quick look", which inevitably results in me carrying home a bag like the one mentioned before combined with a huge, stupid smile all over my freaking face. I'm aware that shopping to heal the pain is not the smartest thing in the universe, but I also know it's an easy response that never fails me ...

My rationalizations usually work like this:
1. This top/dress/skirt/whatevs is the bomb and you'll* wear the hell outta it!
2. You've been wanting/needing a top/dress/skirt/whatevs just like this one anyway.
3. What's the point of suffering at work if you can't reward yourself? (Money is meant to go around anyway!)
4. The original price was 30 € and now it's discounted to 10 €, so you're actually saving money, not spending it.
5. Oh come on, it's so damn cheap, it would be a crime not to take it!
6. At least you're a smart shopper, you only buy shit you really wear.
7. Oh look, it's not even actual money you're spending here, you just let the nice guy take your card for a moment ...

* talking to myself FTW!

(top, blazer: Zara - pants: no name - clutch: via eBay - jwlry: H&M - booties: Funky Shoes)

(necklace /so ridiculous it had to be mine/: H&M - nails: Nail Polish by H&M in Bella's Choice)


Jenny said...

Lovely outfit!
And I need that bag...

With love, Jenny

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Joj in to jesensko vreme na prvi poletni dan... Jaz sem pa danes imela dolge! hlače, kratko majčko, čez cardigan in še trenč! Kot da bi bil marec...
Tisto tvoje razglabljanje pa mi je nažalost *zelo* znano.
So mi pa tvoji gležnjarji in odštekana verižica zelo všeč. :)

dotie said...

love the blazer!
and I like the way you rationalize..I can totally relate :)

eclectic du jour

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Lovin how you mixed the vertical and horizontal stripes.. they look awesome together! Great blog girl, keep it up! :)

Fashion Fabrice said...

hahhahha SO TRUEE!!! I love your post:) Your funny!! & the outfit is so great! Love the bag:)

We're going to follow you :) Just stoleour heart by your funny-ness haha;)


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Follow us if you like:)

Flaf said...

Ooo, kakšne running shoes si pa kupila? Jaz že 100 let iščem kakšne lušne, pa so mi vsi tako grdi, da vem, da jih ne bi nikoli obula za ven za tečt :/

Sicer pa - can totally totally relate to your rationalizations! :D

blow8 said...

this look is hot. i love the booties

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Love the mixing of those stripes. You look so chic. I hate when I pass American Apparel. I have an addiction to that store.

DailyDoseOfAloha said...

I love your shopping rationalizations!! my philosophy used to be-- if i love i have to have it!! now it's more like (since i shop mostly at thrift stores...) OOh, I think i could alter/DIY up that piece real nice!!! btw those harem pants look amazing on you!! i'm jealous.. i can't pull it off!

Mastine said...

I love that nail polish! Have you tried with a matte overcoat? well, you really should. I love it on it's own, but with a matte overcoat the nailpolish is taken to a hole other level!