Friday, 7 May 2010

One In A Fuckton

Oh, how I hate it when we snap a fuckton of photos and most of them suck! Here's the only one from today's session that I like:

(dress: H&M - skirt, body warmer: Promod - leggings: Clockhouse - shoes: Graceland - necklace: Banana Republic - belt: ?)

A bonus photo: this made me LOL today and I'm not even sure why, probably because it's so random and it looks kinda ... stupid?


Flaf said...

Superlepa! <3 Oblekca res fajn zgleda.



there is special thanks for you at my blog today!
Thanks one more time for being so sweet to me,

wishes of joy and a great weekend,


nihrida said...

Mene pa nekaj zanima. Če se tile policijski konji slučajno ''po-figajo'' na pločnik, cesto... ali gre policaj pol dol in to figo tudi pobere ali kako?

Flaf said...

Ne, kakor sem jaz slišala, oni pokličejo enga tipa, k ma prou podjetje in se ukvarja s pobiranjem fig (super job, ni kej :D), mu povejo kam more pridt, in on pride pobrat :)

Pennerad said...

lol. i hate that too. i love the outfit though. fantastic, love!

Frickys said...

i know that feeling but hey at least the outfit was killin'!!!

un petit lapin said...

Ha, I hate it when my photos suck.
Especially when I've taken 20+.

htbui said...

cute blazer =)