Monday, 24 May 2010

Off To Greece, If You Please

Finally a hot day after all that half-assed-wannabe-spring bullshit! I'm staying indoors though, I gotta pack some stuff as I'm leaving for Greece tomorrow. I'll be staying with my dear friend (who currently resides there) for a week and I'm looking forward to some good old fun in the sun!

Oh damn, I just realised I hadn't even shown you photos from Thailand yet. Don't worry, I hadn't shown them to my family & friends either, I have yet to make a selection. I'm terrible like that, I never do things on time :/

(blouse: vintage - skirt, shoes: H&M - leggings: Zara - necklace: ASOS)

"Talk to you" in a week - have fun, guys!


claulovesfashion♥ said...

I love your blouse!!* GREAT LOOK!

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Enchanted Gardens said...

If there are flowers - you know I'll love it! :)
Cute and bold, I like it. Have a badass fun in Greece my dear. Oh and I'm with you on not doing anything on time. I suck at it too.


Jenny said...

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xx Jenny

Mr Lonely said...

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michelle_ said...

love your skirtt !
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Pennerad said...

looks blustery out. perfect for that flouncy skirt.


OMG! Greece must be so great! I wish you have a great time there...your look is amazing! love the denim shirt!

WendyB said...

Love how the breeze looks in these pictures. It really animates things!