Sunday, 23 May 2010


Not only is so-called effortless dressing totally overrated, it's also a contradictory concept as looks that are considered "effortless" are usually the ones that were actually put together with much attention and ... well, effort.

Now here's real effortlessness for you. I literally grabbed the first things from a pile of clothes that's currently occupying our couch. The only effort I put in this was getting the clothes on my body. I just love my ability to not give a crap; too bad it's not a 24-7 thing.

(top: vintage - shorts: Zara - jacket: Bershka - tights: Topshop - necklace: ASOS - bag: Stradivarius - shoes: no name)

1 comment:

ivy said...

im in loooooove with your Bershka jacket! great taste! ;)