Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Prixed Mints

(jacket: Zara - skirt worn as top: H&M - black top: Sinequanone - leggings: Clockhouse - shorts: Forever 21 - bag: from eBay - booties: Funky Boots)


Elaine said...

This is very interesting! The mix of the prints is soo intriguing!

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Enchanted Gardens said...

Zelo lep top (ali krilo) in celotni mix.
Can't believe that Miss Duckalicious has no writing that I could smile to :) Still no inspiration lovely?
Do you by any chance have Forever 21 in Ljubljana?

Taylor Sterling said...

this is bold and pretty! Like it!

Danielle said...

cute, love the skirt/top :)

Enchanted Gardens said...

noooo, that doesn't annoy me, i'm just surprised :) heck, i often have that kind of days.

nothing good in F21 in Bangkok, ha? by looking at forever 21 web page i always think of it as some kind of floral dresses+cute prices wonderland. you know that "if we can have just this store here i wouldn't need others and would shop just there" thoughts. yeah right. the stores here would probably be like one you came across in Bangkok.

haha, thank you very much, i can understand Slovene (i was watching Kanal A all the time when i was little). And i have few words in my sleeve =)

hehe, i ti budi u cvijeću draga! :D

Pennerad said...

wowsers. cuteness. :).

Zanah said...

Love how you mixed the different patterns and your legs are so long !!!! Thx for your comment on my post as I appreciate it ♥

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Constance said...

Love this mix of texture and print! Gorgeous.

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Love your shorts!

And about Miu Miu's Collection to be honest I don't like the shoes either, they're really not my style. But I can uderstand why "everybody" love them... :)

Marian said...

im a fan of shorts, cute. you look adorable

Cocò said...

that amazing outfit! I love your blazer and leggins and u're so pretty! I want your legs! I follow you ;D . Xoxo