Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fashion Police: Calling All Cars!

Case #1:
Wouldn't these be just perfect for a slutty elf? The woman wearing them didn't have pointy ears though ...

Case #2:
What's worse than wearing crocs? Wearing crocs with socks, of course! With all the horrible stuff going on here, the fact that those plastic monsters are dirty doesn't even matter.



cute blog!
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ediot said...

whohoh.. well i do not understand the pointy toe like that. its too much "witch" for me.. i look silly in it for sure.. and crocs.- well i wore it last summer at work. pink ones. with socks- hahaha but the floor was so hard and nothing else helped for my backpain. thats true. why the socks(hygienical reasons- i worked at an pharmacy-cant show your feet there)
have an great weekend darling

xx ediot

Alessia said...

hahaha nice post!!I'm following!!
check my blog and follow if u find it interesting!

L. said...

haha funny post :)
i love the outfit before this post! I actually have the same short:) love it

Enchanted Gardens said...

hahaha. hell yeah :D

drsalka™, the raver said...

pridi na jesenice - gojišče obojega!:)