Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Black Mamba*

Gray skies, rain, low blood pressure, headaches, boring job - these pretty much describe my last few days. I guess I dressed accordingly today:

(sweater: Orsay - jacket: Bershka - leggings: Clockhouse - shorts: H&M - booties: Funky Shoes)

* My boyfriend suggested that title; it's nice to know he thinks of me as a poisonous snake =)

Update: I couldn't shake the feeling this outfit was missing something, so I decided to upgrade it with a sequined scarf and a wide belt. Much better!


Taylor Sterling said...

great black look!! I love the pants!

Denise said...

the leggings reminds me of catwoman's suit. Its really sexy and god you are tall.! you're gorgeous!

I am Denise Katipunera

Brunch girls said...

So we just stumbled across your blog and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Will definitely be following!


Fashion By He said...

love the leggings, you have great legs

-He approves

Becca. said...

I love those big rings, and how do you still manage to look fabulous even when you're down!

Constance said...

Ooh i love the rings!